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Boston Institute of Analytics is an international organization that imparts training in predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies to students and working professionals via classroom training conducted by industry experts. BIA is headquartered in Boston, USA and has training programs across the globe with a mission to bring quality education in emerging technologies.

BIA is driven by industry’s top technology and analytics experts from across the world. Our team of experts and advisors have highly specialized knowledge across predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence and advanced technologies.

BIA courses are designed to train students and professionals on industry’s most widely sought after skills, and make them job ready in the technology field.

Boston Institute of Analytics is offering an industry oriented certification in emerging technology fields like:

– Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Course

– Investment Banking & Financial Analytics Course

– Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking Course

– Graphics, Animation And Gaming Course

– Cloud Computing & Devops Course

– Full Stack Mobile App Development Course

– Business Management & Analytics Course

– Legal Analytics Course

– Data Visualization with Power BI and Tableau Course

– Fashion Analytics Course


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