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CASA is a modular construction company, transforming the construction landscape and elevating the living experience. Stemming from a desire for intelligent, sustainable and superior living experience, CASA is addressing the rising urbanization demand of India’s infrastructure and housing needs by building structures upto 6 floors at a supersonic speed (within 90 days) which are 2X stronger with almost zero wastages and disturbances to the surrounding and nature. It is also designed to ensure minimum energy consumption with net zero smart buildings by adopting collaborative design, manufacturing and assembly processes under the same roof. The only technology which can be fully built in factories integrating the material innovation, software and hardware embedment to give a smarter and more personalised living experience.


Construction, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Precast, Modular, Interiors, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Affordable Housing, Smart Homes, Sustainable Living, Energy Savings, Material Innovation, Faster Construction, and Higher Quality