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About Company

HumanCap is a global leadership advisory consulting firm. Harmonizing talent with business strategy for greater performance and helping clients around the world make the right decisions about their people.

It was founded on the major principle that Strategic Human Capital Management is the most powerful lever for performance and growth of any enterprise.

At HumanCap we have five overarching activities. Research , Consulting, Executive Search,  Advisory and Coaching. Through these activities, the focus is to understand , promote and engage with people who are looking to improve the effectiveness of their organization, their teams , or themselves.

The aim of HumanCap is to conduct insightful and practical research in HR Sciences to improve the design and deployment of high performance people management processes into innovative solutions. We frame our research around themes that reflect the most pertinent challenges for organisations. We conduct initial research for each theme, assembling cases, hard facts, and academic articles to support the findings through our own surveys. The Team at HumanCap brings several decades of  experience in global thinking on human behaviour.