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Mother Sparsh offers a restorative balance of nature & innovation by transforming nature’s best resources to provide conscious solutions. A holistic brand that crafts innovative products for good health of babies & millennial moms with all things organic at its core.
Revolutionizing the baby care, skincare, and hair care market in India, Mother Sparsh products are crafted to bring Nature oriented solutions for all.
Dedicated to Baby’s overall wellness, Mother Sparsh has introduced India’s first water based wipes and a range of baby care products to assure the creation of innovative and hygienic products that serve beyond just care. In a short span of 4 years, we have noticed decent growth for the product and an increase in loyalty amongst its audience. Additionally, Mother Sparsh has achieved vast coverage in national media and is also globally recognized in various studies by reputed research organizations.
With years of specialized research behind us, we celebrate the natural authenticity of our products and focus on uplifting beauty organically, through our botanically sourced components and their formulations. We strive to bring forth the best of nature, unadulterated, to help you embrace your authentic self with real ingredients.
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