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About Company

MSB Docs offers easy transition from traditional physical paperwork to digital signatures and workflows, improving ROI and efficiency by simplifying everyday processes and streamlining repetitive tasks and time-consuming work. MSB was conceptualized and developed as a platform that provides secure, efficient and compliant document workflow and management solutions for the life sciences and healthcare industries. With more than a decade of industry experience and deep domain expertise, MSB have expanded their software to serve other industries, offering customized solutions for education, financial and legal services. We have a proven track record of creating dependable and validated solutions for identity management, integration, multi-factor authentication, and fraud detection.

Our rich history of professional services experience — including implementation, integration, adoption, custom module development, industry best practices, training and services support —helps us deliver a powerful and comprehensive solution to our clients. Our development never stops. We are constantly improving and adding new features based on clients’ feedback and industry changes. Our software development and robust testing methodology allows us to provide new features to our clients at a rapid pace.

Many Life Science companies can take months to validate a solution as compliant with industry regulations and the process can be quite costly. MSB’s Comprehensive Validation Package accelerates this process, and has enabled many of our Life Science clients to adopt digital and electronic signatures within weeks rather than months and also passed along a tremendous savings. At MSB we believe software solutions can be good, fast, and affordable.

At MSB Docs, we’re reshaping the future of document workflows. Envision our innovative end-to-end completion cloud, seamlessly blending eKYC with digital/electronic signing for unmatched efficiency and robust security. This is more than a step towards simplification; it’s our commitment to environmental sustainability. We’re reducing paper usage, promoting eco-friendly practices, and driving forward a vision that promises a smarter, more sustainable future for all.