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Wayvida is a unique Learning Application and a huge marketplace of education that combines both B2B and B2C markets together. In this platform, an institute/individual can sell their courses to their targeted students. The students can choose the best courses based on the ratings and their likeness. Wayvida is providing equal space for each participant. From the learners’ perspective, here they can find various institutes and faculties offering classes for the same course/subjects. They can sort the institutes/faculties based on the ratings. They can read all the reviews and can interact with other learners, who have already taken admission to that course, through social groups. They can access the free version of the courses of their choice. So, the learners will be able to make an informed decision about joining any particular course/s of their choice. For the institutes/individual faculties, here they can focus on the content as we will take care of the technology and marketing part. They can start any course of their choice and fix the fee for their course. They will have complete control over their courses. If an individual teacher or institute, even from the remotest part of the country provides quality classes we’ll make sure that they are reaching their targeted group of students. Thus, the individual faculties/institutes can save on infrastructure development and put more effort into providing quality content.