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Aditya Birla Capital


Aditya Birla Health Insurance



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Assistant Branch Manager

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Area Manager


Sales & Marketing

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Sales & Marketing


Sales – Agency sales

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Sales – Agency sales

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Assistant Manager

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August 2017

  • Job Purpose: Write the purpose for which the job exists (in 2-3 lines)

The purpose of this job is ensure achievement of business targets and enhancement of profitability of the assigned branch by providing effective leadership, planning resources, monitoring people performance & market changes & ensuring timely operations support to ensure smooth functioning.

It also includes distribution building, retail development and recruitment of FLS and Advisors.

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Challenges –

Distribution reach will be the key to future growth acceleration for insurance companies as existing geographies get saturated and the focus shifts to new under penetrated geographies.

Effective distribution reach into newer geographies, alternate distribution channels, innovative products, targeting new segments are the major challenges in this industry and will be the key drivers in the future.

While companies are planning to double their agency network over the next 2 years, the overall industry life agency workforce attrition rate ranges between 50-55% which is significantly high.

Hence the key challenge to recruit qualified insurance agents, especially in the semi-urban / rural markets and also to combat the increasing attrition rate particularly when new players are entering the market

Distribution: How we create specific distribution models to penetrate different market segments remains a challenge. Motivation to channel partners to place business with the co. Activate and manage agent based distribution channel across the country

Long term and short term strategic plans to increase the market share and profitability in line with the company’s business objectives.

Identifying new segments, structure offerings, and value enhancers apart from creating differentiators’ remains a big challenge for the company’s growth. Meeting varied client’s expectation in terms of solutions, pricing and operational support remains a challenge.

Build and further enhance relationships with key customers and agents alike.

Build the vertical in line with the leadership teams expectation of having the group benefits team contributing substantially to the bottom-line in years to come

Key Challenges for the role –


  • As the business is quite manpower intensive, hiring & retaining the right resources given the limited availability of quality talent and stiff competition is a stiff challenge
  • Delay in completion of business during month end as it involves the long process to issue the policy (starting from policy receipting, scanning, completing requirement, medical follow ups and finally the completion).
  • Since health business is purely retail, maintaining daily rhythms and adding value every day to engage FLS/advisors so that they do required inputs as per the sales process is a challenge.
  • Considering FLS quality and delivery timelines, coaching, handholding and developing a new FLS takes lot of time and energy.
  • Infrastructure constraints
  • Driving a balanced business growth in order to achieve the sales goals in alignment with mandated/desired market conduct and quality of business.
  • Recurrent changes in regulatory environment and consequently changed product portfolios requiring strategic & tactical changes in selling techniques/pitch
  • Managing expectations of high performers: high performers expectation rises every year and to satisfy it, by getting innovative ideas is a biggest challenge
  • Driving high rates of YOY renewals in turbulent market conditions
  • Key Result Areas: Write the key results expected from the job and the supporting actions for each of these key result areas (For a majority of jobs typically there could be 4- 7 key result areas)

Key Result Areas

Supporting Actions

Ensure budgeted capacitation of FLS & achieve assigned business target by ensuring performance of assigned FLS with respect to recruitment of Advisors & achievement of business targets.

  • Recruit quality resource
  • Ensure performance standards of recruitment, activation, policies & premium are met by the assigned FLS
  • Maintain the profitability of the branch
  • Keep track on Advisors Contest and Clubs
  • Keep track on various training needs.
  • Sharing good sales practices.
  • Mentor, coach, and handhold FLS by observing and demonstrating sales/recruitment calls.
  • Maintain the Sales Report on Introduction and Issued Business
  • Create effective engagement interventions at the branch level to ensure high levels of activity & delivery
  • Conduct periodic reviews to monitor the key business levers and take corrective action where necessary
  • Carry out goal setting exercise with his team enabling the FLS team to deliver the expected productivity & subsequently leading the team to progress to next progression level.

Drive implementation of agency initiatives aimed at improving sales productivity across all FLS.

  • Ensure daily adherence of sales process by way of effective planning and review.
  • Ensuring sales progression of the FLS by reviewing and Motivating team for setting higher performance standards
  • Driving activities leading to maximum FLS incentive earning.

Ensure renewal targets are met and business health for the allotted branch so that functional goals are achieved.

  • Manage sales force attrition as per bench mark.
  • Maintain quality of business for better renewals.

Relationship Management (Internal & External) to drive performance.

  • Maintain healthy & cordial relation with team of Agency Managers as well as all concerned departments.
  • Maintain one to one contact with all advisors.
  • Ensure reaching of communication to the advisors of his team about new product, schemes, clubs, etc. (using FLS as key point of contact).

Visit top advisors in regular intervals.

Drive local sales promotion effort for to support team members in achieving business targets

  • Anticipate sales promotion opportunities in the area of operation and devise innovative promotional activity.
  • Driving various contests

Ensure Risk Management as per company policy.

  • Be responsible for the market conduct of the assigned agency managers and the advisors in their team
  • Carrying out the business activities as per the compliance & regulatory environment.
  • Ensure (by doing basic screening & basic sanity checks) the applications that healthy

Ensure compliance objectives and regulatory norms are achieved as per defined organizational guidelines.

  • Ensure communication of compliance norms to all concerned employees
  • Develop deviation metrics and take appropriate actions for deviations

Identify and develop a team of sales professionals for the branch

  • Coach and Develop team members
  • Build People capability
  • Develop a second line of leaders within the Branch FLS Team
  • Job Purpose of Direct Reports: Describe the job purpose of the direct report/s to the job (in 2-3 lines for each report)

FLS(UM/AM/SAM/BDM)- The purpose of this job is to recruit quality advisors (freelancer) & support / train them to enable them procure health insurance policies from the market & subsequently service the customers.

  • Relationships: Describe the nature and purpose of most important contacts or relationship (except superior/team members) with individuals, departments, organizations inside and outside of the organization, that job is required to interact with in order to deliver the job objectives

Relationship Type Frequency Nature


Business Stakeholders Across Business Verticals




Agent Forums

SAHI/general Insurance forums

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