Job Description

About the job

Upcoming channel that is being stabilized and requires a lot of efforts in setting up the people, process and structure. High attrition of the front line sales force and limited availability of quality talent to derive Insurance Business from assigned team. To ensure all the pre and post-sales support and services to the clients along with the team. Ensure not only achieving the target but also to make sure there is a consistent growth in the business every quarter.

  • Achieve Targets related to Premium and NOP in order to contribute in overall growth of the company
  • Executes smooth function of the sales and other processes in order to maximise business potential.
  • Ensure relevant people in the right place right time in order to maximise the productivity
  • Execute the right method of business acquisition in order get the profitable mix for the organisation
  • Team Management

Skills –

  • Relationship building
  • Pre Sales
  • Post Sales
  • Stakeholder management
  • Target vs achievement
  • Process management
  • Business acquisition
  • Persistency

Desired Skills and Experience